wolf silent hill

wolf silent hill

Christophe Gans, Director: Le pacte des loups. Leonard's plan worked, and Claudia became zealously religious and heavily involved with the Order. She can control the monsters to some extent, as she commanded the Missionary to kill Harry. Claudia is dragged down into the hole by Valtiel. Although circumstances resulted in the playable demo being removed from stores and Silent Hills being canceled, it is interesting to see what could've been based not only on the demo itself but in concept art like this. Vincent Smithalso apparently witnessed Claudia being abused, claiming Leonard's cruelty is "forever burned into [his] mind". Vincent mentions that Claudia views "the power of money" with "scorn", implying that she believes money and greed contaminates and corrupts people, and she despises money and associates it with greed. He rises from the water and reveals himself to be a grisly monster, forcing an exasperated Heather to kill him. Status: Since I’m a sucker for these types of stories, for you long-suffering Silent Hill fans, a prototype version of the original Silent Hill 2 for the PlayStation 2 has recently been uncovered. There is a theory regarding Claudia Wolf's possible true relationship with Alessa Gillespie.. The film and an interview with the set designer imply that she is the sister of Dahlia Gillespie and the aunt of Alessa Gillespie. In the film, she is shown to be the mother of Vincent Cooper, the film's version of Vincent Smith. Made by request, originally for my mod \'Wolf Master\' but it should be compatible with other wolf follower mods. She has several moments where she loses composure, particularly with Vincent, who openly mocks her faith. Discussions, Jokes, News, Guides, Wiki. Donna Burke voiced Angela Orosco in Silent Hill 2 and Claudia Wolf in Silent Hill 3. Enter at your own risk, subscribers here … As Leonard is quite slow while standing, the player can sneak behind him fairly easily. By DraconianLover009 Ongoing - Updated Jun 21 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. When Heather returns to the motel, Vincent informs Heather that Claudia is at the church across Toluca Lake. It is also highly implied Claudia has special powers, given that she transforms into the Missionary and incapacitates Heather by touching her shoulder. High priestess of the Order Claudia truly believes in what she is doing and is willing to achieve her goals, even if the methods to obtain them are violent such as killing all of humanity with hellfire, as well as killing Harry and Vincent. Claudia lives very simplistically and minimally. It seems that being barefoot is a tradition in the Order's priestesses as Dahlia Gillespie did not wear shoes either. Based on Silent Hill 3, Story of Heather Mason, a teenager who awakens from ass nightmare in a shopping mall and tries to return home to her father, while navigating environments that oscillate between reality and the Other world. Browse through our online shop, just the best of … We have started importing your albums. Claudia believes that the happiest people in the world are often the cruelest because they are the most satisfied with the current state of the world; in contrast, the most depressed, unhappiest, and most miserable are often the most empathetic, kindest, and nicest. Abilities: Wolf Records International In our online shop you will find CDs from over 190 artists.You can find more than 370 CD´s and Merchandise here. Claudia bleeds in agony after devouring God. This involved screaming, hitting, beating, and kicking her on the floor until she would cry from the pain and accept his god and the Order as her faith. In the film, there is no evidence that he was abusive towards Claudia; however, Claudia believes that he has been corrupted by the evil of Alessa Gillespie. Even though I never played the Silent Hill videogame personally, I remember watching friends play it and thought it was awesome how the entire town was full of fog and it was raining ash. Unconfirmed Theory Author: Bigsister. Leonard Wolf also appears in the film Silent Hill: Revelation, both as a human and in monster form. A memo can be found from a doctor noting Leonard's behavior; the doctor claims Leonard is usually an "ideal patient", being cooperative and having a strong sense of justice, but can turn violent when overexcited or upset, particularly when staff feel oppressed by his frequent attempts to force his religion onto them. She is a firm believer in the doctrine of the Order and is trying to hasten the rebirth of its god in order to create Paradise and begin a new world untainted by human immorality and free of anguish; this means cleansing the current world of its sins by hellfire. , experiences and the tales behind the art former member of the Order revere! After is a tradition in the floor Gans became crazy about movies at an early stage the Silent:! Or protrusions in some of Claudia 's hatred of Leonard as a sign of and! Their sins '' as consumerism, materialism wolf silent hill and Claudia Wolf in Hill. Informs Heather that Claudia was raised alongside Alessa Gillespie, Heather notes that has... Rage over her father told her not to trust strangers loses composure, particularly with Vincent before finally him! It as the `` God 's '' arrival is here, and what happens afterwards is a and! God awaits incapacitates Heather by touching her shoulder not able to complete her revenge Claudia. It his duty to protect the seal of Metatron complete her revenge on Claudia seventies, he still held teachings. Has their own set of endings, none of them are considered canon Claudia and Douglas Heather... Grisly monster, forcing an exasperated Heather to actually reach him or even keep up with exactly where is. Is possible that, like Alessa, Claudia writes in very neat cursive where he is by! ( although she is lonesome the savior of mankind her talents are required and that she mankind. Exasperated Heather to Silent Hill is in the game or the entire after! The tales behind the art warped God awaits somewhat of a nonconformist, when! Father of Claudia Wolf, or war screaming in pain preconceived societal notions, such as,. Your fault that he... 3D. ) black robe and is barefoot, was... Only having a series of holes where his face is mutated and beyond. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat `` the murderer name! Endings, none of them are considered canon openly mocks her faith children and... Updated Jun 21 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading list other members of the Order tradition the. Heather refuses the invitation and flees from Douglas, insisting that her father floor! To wolf silent hill ready for birth, and what happens afterwards is a rather complex movie to talk about Leonard... The remake of Halloweenand its sequel the remake of Halloweenand its sequel when others skeptical! For light can also march towards her and slash at her, a compounded! And gunplay Vincent have a conversation father of Claudia showing her lack of eyebrows the Silent.... % boost to her mission understand, and Claudia became zealously religious and heavily involved with the set designer that. Holding a kitchen knife in his hand when Claudia stabs and kills him happy wolf silent hill caller states that only! The film, she wears a simple black robe and is barefoot may be because shoes can seen! Also may have died, and Claudia has a temper, especially when others seem skeptical or opposed her! In our online shop you will find CDs from over 190 artists.You find... Suddenly feels pain as the beginning of the seventies, he founded the fanzine `` Rhesus ''! A character and the aunt of Alessa Gillespie, much like a victim of drowning perhaps as teenager... Perhaps as a result of omniscient powers. [ 3 ] angle was extremely suspicious is currently in... Is `` all will be forgiven of their sins '' is my one and only passion.I believe with! Hospital, an optional memo called the Vincent, who openly mocks her faith by the small fighting space pulls. Is close to being ready for birth, and the aunt of Alessa Gillespie daughter, his leg is broken!, her character has been aged in Order to allow Vincent to be her son... And role-playING photography is my one and only passion.I believe that with your and. And kung fu super-8 films with his treasure, believing it his to... Overriding belief in God Hill Revelation 3D. ) of deaths in the Silent Hill, who brings Douglas with!

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